Raindrops Keep Fallin'

Do you work in an office filled with cubicles? Bring in a water gun and squirt random drops of water into the neighboring cubicles. (Can also be done in the restroom!)

Submitted by Markoh

Foiled Again

This office prank should be performed in an office where a lot of people are willing to "gang up" against one victim. Buy several restaurant-size rolls of aluminum foil. Then wait until the victim leaves for the day on March 31. Go into their cubicle or office and wrap everything in foil: desk, chair, computer, books, pencils, etc. If enough people help, this doesn't take too long. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

Lost Lockers

Do you have lockers at your work? Are they moveable? If so, sneak in the night before April 1st and switch them around. It creates great confusion the next day!

Under Pressure

Tie a piece of cord under the victim's office chair to hold down the lever that adjusts the chair height. (When you sit on the chair it will slide all the way down, but as soon as you stand up the chair will rise all the way up.) All the ups and downs will drive the victim crazy.

Hurry Up In There

Take a pair of pants, stuff them and attach a pair of shoes. Place them in the bathroom stall so it looks like someone is "sitting." Lock the door and crawl out under the door. If the bathroom has more than one stall, you'll need to make enough "dummies" to fill them all. For added effect, make a tape recording of authentic "sound effects" and play it on a loop from inside the stall. This is one of the more elaborate office pranks, but worth the effort!

Filed Away

Take a tape recorder and fast forward a blank tape about half-way. Then record yourself saying "Please let out of here!", then knock on the tape recorder with your knuckles. Let the tape run a bit more and repeat as many times as you want. Now, rewind the tape, and hide it a file cabinet or other piece of furniture. Right before you know your victim will be in the area by themselves, sneak in a press "PLAY".

Submitted by Larry

Musical Chairs

Take the fancy office chair out of the boss's office and switch it with the ugliest chair. Whoever had the ugliest chair will probably be happily surprised to see their "new" chair, and the boss will probably be embarrassed to have to come and take it away. Of course, you better make sure your boss has a good sense of humor!

Soft Hat

For a person who is required to wear a hard hat at work: hide their hat replace their hat with one you have painted bright pink, or otherwise decorated in an embarrassing way. Unless they can find someone who will loan them one, they'll be forced to wear it all day.