Stuck in a Rut

Use string or wire to tie your victim's drawer shut. (You'll need to remove the drawer above to access the back so you can accomplish this.)

Submitted by Alex H.

Did You Call Me?

If you have an office phone system that allows conference calling, you can prank two people at once. Call the first victim's extension, then very quickly call the second victim and push the conference button. Now both people will think the other person called them and will begin arguing over who called whom!

Embarrassing Stuff in a Gym Bag Prank Idea

That's Not Mine

Leave a gym bag laying around the office. Since no one will know who the bag belongs to, someone will open it. Inside, leave some embarrassing items (XXXL-sized underwear, Justin Beiber fan magazines, giant tube of hemorroid cream, etc.). Include a fake ID with your victim's name prominently displayed.

Submitted by GRrr

Fill It Up

Do you have a co-worker that has to use his/her stapler frequently? Grab their stapler whenever they leave their desk and remove all but one or two of the staples. They will go crazy wondering why they are having to refill it so often!

Submitted by itsnick

Invisible Ink

Go into the victim's office and locate every pencil and pen in their desk. Paint the tips with clear nail polish. When they try to write, none of them will work. (After the prank is revealed, the nail polish can be removed by dipping the pens and pencils in polish remover.)

Take the Call

Use glue to secure the victim's handset to the phone (be sure to use glue that can be removed...check the label first because some glue will destroy plastic). Then go to a nearby phone, call their number and watch while they lift the entire phone to their ear.

Totally Labeled

Place post-it notes on every item on someone's desk labeling what each thing is. EVERY ITEM. Vintage office prank.

Can You Do It

If he has an overhead bin style cabinet, layer the bottom with paper, then attach the paper to the door (with tape or something) so it comes out when the door to the cabinet is open. Then fill it with empty soda cans. When he opens the door to his cabinet, viola, all the cans will come crashing out and it will be most embarrassing for him.

Submitted by Little Evie