Stale Joke

Buy a box of donuts several days before April 1st. Keep them in the refrigerator with the top open until they are very dried out. On April Fool's Day put them by the office coffee maker so everyone will help themselves!

Squeaked By

First, take out your friend's drawer. then tape a squeaky dog toy to the inside so that when you put it back and slide it in, it goes, "squeak squeak!" when it's squashed.

Submitted by Zookie

Drawer Confusion

Remove the desk drawers in the victim's desk and switch them around. (If you can't remove the drawers, just take out the stuff and swap it around.)


Steal all the victim's pens and replace them with pens that have the caps glued on.

Quick Change

Bring several changes of clothes to work and change every hour or so. Pretend like nothing is strange.

Submitted by Punjent

Turn It Off!

Find an old toy with button-activated sound (music, baby crying, etc.). Tape it to the back of the victim's desk drawer, so that when the drawer is completely shut the button is activated. Leave the drawer open a crack, and wait for victim to arrive.

Submitted by Daller

Just Missed It

Do you sit near a co-worker you'd like to prank? Every time they stand up and start walking away from their desk, dial their phone number. As soon as they turn to go back and answer it, hang up. Repeat this until they are totally frazzled!

Submitted by B3cky

Lighter Than You Think

This prank actually starts a couple weeks before April 1st and only works if the victim uses the old-fashioned kind of phone with the mouthpiece that can be opened. Add a couple of nickels to the mouthpiece every day to gradually and unnoticeably make it heavier. On the morning of April 1st take them all out. Watch as your victim goes to answer the phone and whacks themselves in the face with the unexpectedly light phone.

Submitted by Donnelly