Donut Disappointment

Donut Disappointment>> NEW <<

Buy a box of donuts from your favorite donut establishment (Krispy Kreme, Winchell's, etc.). Remove the donuts for your own consumption later. Place some brussel sprouts (or other non-delicious food of your choice) into the box. Leave the (closed) box on the counter for your victims to find!

Fake Word Search Prank

Keep Searching

Print out this word search puzzle and give it to your victim. It looks like a normal word search puzzle, but none of the words listed at the bottom of the page are actually in the puzzle. So your victim will search and search endlessly, until they pull their hair out in frustration. Wait until just the right moment to point out that the words "APRIL" and "FOOLS" are in the puzzle!

Toilet Monster Prank Idea

Toilet Surprise>> NEW <<

Print out a life-size face (this can be anyone-someone in your family, a monster, a celebrity, your victim, or even yourself). Attach it to the underside of the toilet seat facing up. Now close the lid to the toilet. When your victim lifts the lid, they will get a scare!

Frozen Cereal Prank

Ice Krispies

The night before April Fool's Day, pour some cereal and milk into a bowl. Put the bowl into the freezer. The next morning take it out and pour a small amount of milk and few flakes of cereal on top. Then serve it to your victim and watch the struggle.

Submitted by Nicole Weberg

Donut Seeds Prank

Donut Seeds

Use this template to create a fake "Donut Seed" packet. Fill it with Cheerios or any kind of O-shaped cereal, and leave it for your victim to find.

Submitted by Alex

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Air Horn Air Freshener Prank Idea

It's a Blast>> NEW <<

Buy an air horn (compressed air type). Use Photoshop to create a fake air freshener label, and glue it over the air horn label. Put the can into the bathroom and wait for someone to try to "freshen" the air!

Voice Activated Paper Towel Dispenser Prank Idea

Voice Command>> NEW <<

Make an official-looking label for the office paper towel dispenser that says "Voice Activated: Say 'Paper Towel Please'." Then listen and laugh while your co-workers try out the new technology!

Never Gonna Stop>> NEW <<

Hire a real mariachi band to come to your office and follow one of your co-workers around.

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Tricky Wireless Mouse Prank Idea

Crazy Cursor

Plug a wireless mouse into your victim's computer. Go to a nearby location and wiggle the mouse around. They will wonder why their computer is freaking out.

Post Its on Your Computer Prank

Virtual Post-Its

Have you ever seen the prank where you put hundreds of post-its all over someone's office? Well, you can pull a mini version of this by putting virtual post its all over someone's computer desktop! To create post-its in Windows 7, click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Sticky Notes.

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Homemade Dribble Glass Prank Idea


Use a pin to make a few small holes in a plastic disposable cup. The holes should be near the top, just below the rim. Offer a drink to the victim and watch while the liquid dribbles out onto their shirt when they take a drink.

Cup of Water on Door Prank Idea

Door Ambush

This is the most classic and simple prank ever. Balance a small disposable cup of water on the top of a partially open door. Then wait for the splash!

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The Golden Rules of Pranking

Plan ahead

Don't wait until April 1st to start thinking about strategies. Early planning means you'll be ready on the big day!

Prank with love

Never pull a prank with a mean spirit in your heart. Do it to get a laugh out of someone you care about. And think twice about pranking strangers --it's generally NOT cool.

Know your victim

Pranks can have consequences--make sure to think about the outcome. After the initial surprise, will your victim's reaction be positive? A successful prank should always end with your victim laughing!

Match the prank to the person

The best April Fool's gags are carefully chosen to fit the victim's personality. For instance, a car prank is perfect for someone who is fussy about their car (but make sure you don't damage their "baby"!). Or, a computer gag will work best on someone is isn't very computer savvy. Tailor your prank for the best result.

Is it harmless? Really harmless?

Once you have your prank fully planned out, stop and think.... Is there any chance that someone could get hurt? Is there any possibility that something will get damaged? Consider all outcomes before you plot your prank!

Have the video camera ready

If you can get the moment on tape you'll be able to enjoy your prank for years to come. So break out the camera...as long as it won't raise too many suspicions!

Use your best acting skills

If you don't think you'll be able to keep a straight face, pick a prank where you'll stay hidden--or recruit a helper to be the perpetrator.

Time your reveal

Enjoy the moment, and let the prank sink in before shouting out a victorious "April Fool's!" Timing is important; you don't want to call it out too early... or too late.

If caught, be gracious

Playing pranks on April Fool's Day can be tricky--they'll have their guard up. So don't be too disappointed if you're caught in the act. You'll get 'em next time!

Be ready for retribution

Expect a payback, so watch your back!