Spilled Candle Prank Idea

Candle Caper

Take a candle, light it, and let it burn until some melted wax builds up. Blow out the flame, then set the candle on its side on some waxed paper, allowing the melted wax to drip into a puddle. Wait for it to harden, then remove the waxed paper. Now you can place the candle "mess" on something valuable--like your wife's favorite coffee table!

Submitted by Parrish

Leave a Message

Steal your victim's cell phone and tape it under a desk or chair, or hide it somewhere they'll never find it. Then start calling them (keep your phone hidden). Laugh as they search desperately for their phone.

Miracle Flowers Prank Idea

Wild Flowers

Do you have a friend who struggles with getting a garden to grow? This is the perfect prank for them! Buy some fake but realistic-looking flowers from a craft store and "plant" them in your victim's garden. They will be shocked to find they have a greener thumb than they thought!

Ruined Project Prank Idea

Accidentally On Purpose

Did someone you know leave out an important paper, project, homework, etc.? Then you have a perfect opportunity for a fun prank! Just take some paper that looks somewhat similar to their project. Set their real project aside, and spill a drink or something messy all over the fake project. Say "Oh My God!" and pretend to apologize. They'll have a major anxiety attack until you surprise them with "April Fool's!"

Submitted by WizKid22

Wrapped Cheese Sandwich Prank Idea


Offer to make a sandwich for the victim. But don't remove the wrapper from the slice of cheese. When they bite down they'll get a chewy surprise.

Upside down

Sneak into your victim's room when they aren't around and turn everything upside down: furniture, books, posters, etc.

Oh No Pee Didn't!

This prank needs to be played while you and your victim are both outdoors. Hide a bottle of water inside your coat. A squirt-type bottle is best, or take a regular water bottle and poke a small hole in the top so you can squirt water out. When you have your back to your victim, pretent to fumble with your zipper, then start squirting the bottle downward while holding it in front of your crotch. Your victim will be shocked that you are "peeing" right out in the open!

Submitted by Mark

May I Have Mayo

Replace the lotion in your victim's lotion bottle with mayonnaise.