Delicious But Suspicious

Bake up some brownies and bring them to work on April 1st. Put them in the break room, along with a sign that says "Happy April Fools Day!" People will be way too nervous to eat them!


Several years ago, I got all ten of my co-workers to call in sick on April Fool's Day. Each one called the boss's office and left a message stating that they would be out sick that day. We knew she always checked her voicemail before coming in every day, so we each left messages early in the morning. She was very relieved when she showed up and saw that we had all actually showed up to work after all!

Future Flood

Take a cup full of water and a jumbo note card. Hold the note card on top of the cup and turn it over carefully, placing it on your victim's desk upside down. Slide the note card out from underneath and the cup will be stuck there. (But be sure there is nothing nearby that can be harmed if it spills!)

Submitted by The Prankmaster

Can You Hear Me Now?

Place a piece of clear tape over the microphone part of the phone. Laugh as your victim struggles to talk to their callers.

Submitted by Martin Carbajal

Faint Sounds of Annoyance

Hide a small radio or music player in the ceiling tiles above the victim's desk. Turn the volume very low so they'll only hear it once in a while. Tune it to a music station they hate. Or, even better--try using a "relaxation" tape like rain or ocean waves or a heartbeat--it'll drive them crazy!

Submitted by Aileen Miller

Stringing Them Along

Using fishing line or black thread, tie everything on your victim's desk--stapler, tape dispenser, pencil cup, etc.--to his chair. When he pulls the chair out, everything on his desk will go crashing to the floor! Or, attach everything on your victim's desk to the back of one or more of his desk drawers (string the line through the holes in the top of the desk). When he open the drawer, all his stuff will go crashing across his desk.

Submitted by Dr. T.

Office Full

This prank is for a co-worker who has an office with a glass window in the door. Find a box slightly bigger than the window, cut off one end and tape it to the door around the window (with the open end at the top). Fill the box with empty cans, balloons, packing peanuts, or other item of your choice. When your victim looks in the window it will look like the entire room is filled! For added effect, put a chair or something behind the door to make it hard to open.

Rude Awakening

Plug a radio into the power strip that your victim's computer is plugged in to. Turn the volume all the way up. Now turn the power strip off. Your victim will at first be puzzled why their computer won't turn on; and then will get a big surprise when they flip their power strip on.

Submitted by dravil