Best Tips on Writing an MBA Essay

Exams cause plenty of stress and anxiety. For an average person, it is often hard to imagine what facts should you tell about and what facts you should ignore, so many students decide to order their papers at Here are some useful hints that will help if not understand, but to have a clearer idea what to write in your MBA essay.

First of all, make a plan

Before writing an essay, you should carefully rethink and structure everything you want to tell about yourself. Remember, this is the first impression of you. Think with the caution about what you want to write.

Not everyone is good at writing, especially when it comes to positive assessment. Mostly, people don’t know what to say. Here are some questions that you can answer in your essay:

  • What achievements make you proud the most?
  • What is most important in your personality? What makes you who you are?
  • How do you react to struggles?
  • What makes you successful?
  • How do you make yourself better and what do you do for it?

Try to be as positive as you can. Remember about the bright sides of your personality. You can ask your family, friends, partners and people, who know you deeply if you have problems with objective thinking about yourself.

Beware the common mistakes

While planning your essay, you should keep in mind several notable problems. You can ruin your good impression because of them, so here we will add a list of things you should avoid.

  • Grammar and spelling mistakes

Even if your MBA essay will be great, no one will give it a high score, if they see mistakes. You can be not sure in several places – that is completely normal, you can check in special programs or even buy an MBA essay in special online-writing services.

  • Do not be egocentric

Of course, you should show yourself from the brightest side, but there is an enormous difference between “being number one in the world” and “being unique and good enough”.

  • Do not write more than you are asked

Word limits are there for a reason. If you cannot put together the thoughts that are good enough and choose the unnecessary ones, why should the school choose you for their program?

Keep your language understandable, simple, but still official.

  • Do not write about anything

The point of your essay is to tell people about you. There are questions you should answer in it, but the main part still remains. Do not forget, that it is all about introducing you.

Writing an MBA essay

Only when you finally made a good enough plan, start wMBA essa writing. Do not forget to tell why have you chosen this school, why do you think their program fits you best. Try to write in a simple language, use humour, if you want, but not too much.

Add as many examples, based on your life experiences, as you can. It will show who you really are and how you behave in different situations. The best examples are the ones where you acted like a confident, responsible person.

Do not hurry while writing an essay. Try to concentrate and do not distract on another thing, distracting will not help you at all and can even harm.

If you are still not sure what and how to write, you can search on the Internet the examples of previous years. The best ones are often published. Read them, find the one that impressed you the most and read it several times. Try to analyze what had such an influence on you and think about what you can tell about yourself in a similar way. Your essay may not be as good as the one you liked, but it will at least have a good structure.

When you are done with the essay, do not send it right away. Make a break and reread it several times. Editing is as important as writing itself, so do not skip that part and take the time you need. You may find sentences you don’t like anymore or typos that you missed. Never underrate the meaning of editing your text.

If you are not completely sure and have an opportunity, show the essay to people around you. First of all, an opinion from the outside is always good when it comes to writing any kinds of texts, essays or not. And, secondly and most important, people usually see you in a different way and may pay attention to some good features you decided to ignore.


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