Trouble Brewing

You can do this prank on anyone but it works better with your parents. Mix red, yellow, and blue food coloring with water until it looks like coffee. Heat it and pour it into a coffee mug. Kick back and enjoy the look on your victim's face when they taste the "coffee" you made them.

Submitted by Samantha

Cheater Chicanery

If you're a woman with a boyfriend or husband, this is the prank for you! Buy a pair of girly underwear and put them in your significant other's vehicle. While the two of you are on the road, "find" the underwear and make a scene! After he gets upset, tell him "April Fools!"

Submitted by Jessica S.

Special Delivery

Fill the mailbox with packing peanuts or ping pong balls and then send your victim out to get the mail (make sure to do this after the mail has been delivered --- don't prank the mail carrier!!)

Submitted by David and Matt

Let Me Help You

Put a small amount of paint or ink on your finger. Go up to your victim and pretend to notice a "mark" on their face. Tell them you'll rub it off, but instead, actually place a mark ON their face. Act like you got the mark off and walk away.

Submitted by Karan

Mess with the Controls in Their Car Prank Idea

Car Trouble

Sneak into the victim's car and adjust everything: radio at full volume, wipers on high, air conditioning on max setting, seats pushed forward and reclined all the way back, etc.

Pop Pop Plot

Put some bubble wrap (the kind with the BIG bubbles in it) in front of or behind the tires of the victim's car. When they back out of their parking space a large pop will be heard, and then he/she will wonder what they hit.

Submitted by Erica

Crash the Party

Run into the house (or your office, or a party) out of breath. Call out excitedly, asking if anyone else saw the crash. Say that a chicken truck crashed in the street outside and there are chickens running around loose throughout the neighborhood. See how many people you can get to run outside looking for escaped chickens!

Submitted by Petra and dmitri

Bottom Out

If your victim leaves their fast food drink unattended, grab it, dump out the contents and cut out the bottom. Set it back on the counter, pour some flour into it and then replace the lid and straw. When they return and grab their drink, the powder will pour all over them!

Submitted by Eesti