Blast 'Em

Set the victim's TV to an obnoxious channel like Cartoon Network or the heavy metal channel, and turn the volume up to max volume. Now turn off the TV set. When your victim comes back and turns on the TV they will be surprised by a blast of loud programming!

Force Field

Block off a door with plastic wrap. When the victim opens the door and tries to walk through, they will bounce right off.

Heading for Trouble

Buy a Styrofoam head (the kind you store wigs on). They can be bought for less than $10 if you shop around. If you want, add a wig, paint it skin color and decorate the eyes and lips to look more realistic. Or, cover it with a scary mask. Now just hide it in an unexpected place (hamper, cupboard, closet, in bed next to your sleeping victim, etc.) and wait for the fun!

Can't Switch It

Use clear tape underneath your victim's lights switch and then watch your confused victim struggle to turn on the lights.

Submitted by Nicole

Science Experiment

Put a hunk of butter on a plate and let it soften. Then tell your victim that you learned an amazing science experiment in school: salt poured on butter will create heat. To demonstrate, pour some salt on the butter, hold your hand over, and pretend you are feeling the heat. As soon as they try it, slam their hand down in the butter. Bonus points if you hide all the napkins!

Submitted by DarrylJ.

Stuck On the Throne

Put some corn syrup on the toilet seat and let it dry. Now when your victim sits they'll be stuck tight!

Submitted by DallasRN

Going Buggy

Take a picture of the top part of the kitchen counter. Go on the internet and search for a picture of a cockroach. Then, copy it on to the picture of the counter. Print out a few copies (cut off any extra white space), and place them on the counter. At first glance, your victim will think the kitchen is infested!

Submitted by Lacie

Pain in the Neck

Secretely slip a piece of uncooked elbow macaroni into your mouth. When you have your victim's attention, use your hands to "crack" your neck (grab your head and twist slightly), while at the same time biting down on the macaroni, making a loud cracking noise.

Submitted by youdon'tknowjake