Not Quite April Fool's Day Prank Idea

Calendar Shenanigans

Perfect trick for fooling your kids! Simply tell them that today is March 32nd, so they should get ready to play some fun pranks "tomorrow on April 1st." If you can trick them for the whole day, then surprise them with an "APRIL FOOL'S" and let them know they missed the whole day.

Rope A Dope

Find a friend and go to a busy place like a store or park with a friend. Crouch down on both sides of a walking path and pretend to pull a rope between you. See how many people try to step over the "rope." Warning: This prank should NEVER be pulled on drivers or bike riders--it can be dangerous. Please only do this to people who are walking!

Submitted by Sarah

Cream Cheese Deodorant Prank Idea

Duped Again

Scoop about an inch of deodorant from the top of the victim's stick deodorant. Then take a slice of cream cheese and carefully insert it into the deodorant container, sculpting it so it looks like deodorant. Put the top back on and wait for the fun!

Submitted by Raney

Bad Aim

Add some yellow food coloring to water, and sprinkle it liberally all over the toilet seat and on the floor around the toilet. The victim will think someone has terrible aim!


Find some brown paper, and cut out a bunch of E's (you know, the letter... from the alphabet). Put them in a nice Tupperware container. Now, go to your victim and tell them you made them some delicious brownies just for them. Describe how wonderful they taste. Then give them the container.

Food Coloring in the Soap Prank Idea

Colorfully Clean

Add food coloring to the hand soap dispenser in your bathroom. When the victim tries to wash their hands, they will end up worse than when they started.

Wrap It Up

Toilet paper your victim's car.

Submitted by Cusie Sisters

Driver's License Photo Switcheroo Prank Idea

Photo Switch

Find a small picture of a monkey (or anything else you think is funny) and use temporary glue (a glue stick works well) to place it over the photo on the victim's driver's license. Then send them out for beer, or find some other excuse to send them somewhere where they will need to show their ID.