While You Were Sleeping

Know someone who is a sound sleeper? Then you can draw a mustache on their face while they sleep! Just use an eyebrow pencil or other make-up. No markers! They're too hard to remove!!

Submitted by Dr. Awesome

Sudden Shower

Take a Styrofoam cup and put a small hole in the bottom. Stick a straw in the hole and then fill the cup with a beverage (the straw needs to fit the hole perfectly so the liquid won't leak). When you hand your victim the drink they'll pull on the straw and all the liquid will fall out through the hole.

Submitted by Taylor

Fake Car for Sale Prank Idea

What a Steal

Put a notice on your victim's car that it's for sale. List a very low, yet still realistic price. Include the victim's phone number.

Submitted by Michelle

Switch Out the Fan Cord Prank

Pulling A Con

Is there a ceiling fan with an overhead light that your victim turns on using a pull cord? Trick them by substituting a fake pull cord attached to a cup of confetti balanced on top of the fan blade. Many fan cords detach which will make this easy to set up--otherwise use a substitute cord and tuck the real cord out of sight. Tape the fake cord to a paper cup, fill the cup with confetti, then balance it on top of the fan blade so it barely shows. They will pull the cord and get a big surprise!

Can't See Myself

If the person you are pranking uses a small wall mirror, take a picture facing directly away from the mirror. Crop it on your computer to exactly the same thing you would see in the mirror. Print it out on a large piece of paper, and then tape it to the mirror. Watch as the person frantically tries to see themselves.

Don't Look Up

Make some fake bird droppings (try whipped cream or sour cream mixed with a little flour and a few shakes of pepper). Hide it in a small container or plastic bag. When you're outside with your victim, wait until they're not watching you and shake some of the fake poo on them. Pretend to be grossed out!

Walking Into Trouble

Attach some double-sided tape to a long piece of toilet paper and leave it on the floor for your victim to step on.

Cereal Switch Prank


Take all the cereal in the house, remove the plastic bags from the boxes, and switch them around. When the victim tries to eat breakfast they will do a double-take when the wrong cereal pours out.