Blind To Your Tricks

Find some shiny black paper and cut out two pieces that will fit into the back of your victim's sunglasses. Use a couple of pieces of tape to hold them in or some temporary glue like a glue stick (don't ruin their sunglasses!). When they grab their sunglasses and put them on they'll be shocked at their total lack of vision! (Note: if you don't have any shiny black paper, try looking through old magazines to find spots of black you can cut out.)

Submitted by Marshmellow

Spinning Along

Use glue on the toilet roll so that the next person who uses the bathroom will keep on spinning and spinning but will get nothing!

Submitted by Kim and Jess

Snot Nice

This trick works best on children or the very naive. Simply tell them there is a booger on their nose and they will start trying to wipe it off. Then you just tell them which direction to go, e.g. "to the left, a little more to the right..." Continue with this until they start getting aggravated, then come out with an "April Fools!"

Mug Shot

Find a picture of the bottom part of a face (from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin). You can use a woman's smile, or a mouth with missing teeth (be creative). Print this picture so it is the size of the bottom of your victim's coffee mug, then attach it with tape or glue. When your victim tilts the mug up to drink, he/she will have a ridiculous smile on their face for everyone to see...everyone except themselves of course!

Submitted by skidlet

All Wound Up

Get a long spool of ribbon. Tie one end to your victims doorknob with a little note that says "Follow the Ribbon." Then wind the ribbon all around their room, bed, desk, even all over the house. At the end of the ribbon, attach a note that says "April Fools!"

April Snow's Day

This takes some pre-planning. Record the morning news on a day when schools are closed for a snow day. Then play it back on April 1st in the morning while the kids are getting ready for school.

Submitted by Mrs.T

Lack of Privacy

Invite your victim over to watch a movie or some tv, along with several other people. Before he/she arrives, take a video of your empty bathroom. Then, once the party has started, wait for your victim to use the bathroom. As soon as they leave, switch on your previously-made video. Have all your friends laugh loudly as soon as they hear the toilet flushing. When your victim walks out and sees the video on the TV, they will think there was a hidden camera planted in the bathroom!

Submitted by BRex

Phone Switch

If you know two people who have identical phones or iPods, and they keep them in different color cases, then you can prank them both at the same time! Just switch the phones inside the cases, giving each person back the correct phone case, but the wrong phone!