Shake and Quake

Get one or more people to help you pull off this prank. Just sneak into the victim's room, crouch down low on both sides of the bed and suddenly start shaking the bed (make sure your victim can't see you). They will think there is a terrible earthquake!

Found It First

While walking with some friends, lag behind for a minute and secretly drop a $20 (or larger) bill. Then shout "Oh my God," and just as they look back bend down and pick it up. They'll be super-jealous that they walked right past it and didn't see it! Then reveal the trick by saying "April Fool's!"

Submitted by Kim Byers

Special Day

If you are eating at a restaurant with someone, sneak off to the side and tell your server that it is the person's birthday. Then watch the surprised look on their face when all the waiters and waitresses come over with a cake and begin singing to them. Even better if you tell the waiters that it's the victim's 50th birthday (or add 20 years to their age).


Do you know someone who carries hand sanitizer all the time? Steal their hand sanitizer bottle and fill it with hand soap. When they use it they'll get a sudsy mess!

Submitted by Alexa

Tricky Tresses

This a great prank to play on your dad. Just find a really "girly" hair clip (Hello Kitty works good!), and sneak it into their hair while you're giving them a hug! Or, put a curler or two in his hair when he's sleeping!

Submitted by Prankgirls2011

Measure Their Patience

Ask your victim to come outside and help you measure an area around the house. Give them the end of the tape measure, and have them hold it in place. Take the other end, and start walking until you go around a corner of the house. Then put the tape measure down (weigh it in place with a rock if necessary), and quickly sneak away. See how long before your victim figures out you are not there!

Submitted by: Prankster

Who Said That?

Hide the speaker of a baby monitor in the room where the victim is sitting (under the couch works well). Then make random sounds every 3 or 4 minutes, just enough to drive them crazy, but not enough for them to track down exactly where the sound is coming from.


Put IcyHot or a similar product on your victim's deoderant.