Coming or Going

Use a computer to print out some signs that say "PUSH" and "PULL." Go to a local store and paste them on the door (on the wrong sides of course!). Then stay nearby and watch the confusion!

Why Am I So Sleepy?

This prank will only work if your victim wakes up when it's still dark. While the victim is asleep, reset all the clocks to two hours earlier, and set the alarm to ring two hours early also. Let them get completely ready for work before you let them in on the prank.

Pudding Prank

Save and carefully clean a vanilla pudding snack container. Fill it with mayonnaise and offer it to your unsuspecting victim!

Bugged by Bugs

Have a friend or family member who is spooked by cockroaches? Then play a prank on them by making some oval-shaped black pieces of paper and placing them all over the bathroom. Then wait for the screams when they go in and turn on the light!

Submitted by Roza

Not So Cheery O's

If your family eats O-shaped cereal, thread the O's onto a long piece of thread and then put them back into the box.

Juice Hi Jinks

Make some Jello in clear glasses. Then offer the "juice" to your victim and watch their surprise when they try to take a drink. Or, make a pitcher filled with Jello, then hand it to your victim and watch them struggle to pour it!

Submitted by Kat

Hold Up

Tell your victim that you are going to show them a magic trick. Show them a plastic cup filled with water and ask them to give you a quarter. Place the quarter in the cup (note: the quarter is just to fool them into thinking it's a magic trick). Then climb on a chair and put the cup on the ceiling (with the rim touching the ceiling). Take a broom and put it on the bottom of the cup to hold it in place. Ask the victim to hold the broom for a minute while you climb down from the chair. Then grab the chair and leave the room...leaving them stuck with no way to get free.

Submitted by PrankDigger


Take the small fake spider and carefully place it under the top sheet of the toilet roll. When your victim takes some paper the spider will fall onto their hand.