Numb Fun

Put Orajel on your victim's toothbrush! Their whole mouth will go numb and they won't know why!

Submitted by Natalie

Surprise Gift

Take a small cardboard jewelry box (about the size a bracelet comes in). Cut a hole in the bottom and through the cotton (if the box has cotton on the bottom). Stick your finger through the hole and lay it flat. Put the lid on. Tell your victim that you have a gift for them. Ask them to open the box and when they see it's a finger yell "BOO!" (For added affect, squirt some fake blood around the bottom of your finger.)

Submitted by Taylor

Balloon Platoon

Fill your victim's closet with blown-up balloons. When they open the door, a cascade of balloons will ensue. (To fill the closet: partially close the door so there is about a 12-inch gap (just enough to fit the balloons through. Tape newspaper between the door and doorjamb to temporarily stop the balloons from flowing out. Leave just enough space at the top to drop the balloons in. Keep feeding balloons through the open space until the closet is full. Then close the door and remove the newspapers.

Submitted by Lilly

Double Take

Remove the dining room table and hide it somewhere. Take the tablecloth and other items that were on the table and arrange them on the floor in the exact position they were in originally.

Submitted by Arabelle4

All Sewed Up

This prank has to be done to a very sound sleeper. While they are sleeping, sneak in and use a needle and thread to sew their pajamas to the bed!

Losing It

Buy a package of "hair extensions" that match the victim's hair. (Inexpensive ones can usually be found in the hair accessory section of a drug store or grocery store.) Snip some strands about the length of the victim's real hair and spread it around on their pillow while they are asleep. They will wake up to a real fright!

Boy Is It Heavy!

Glue the shampoo bottle to the shower shelf (use clear caulk on a surface that can be scraped without being damaged).

Submitted by Justice G.

Milk Mischief

Plan ahead the night before and freeze a glass of milk. The next morning, add a small amount of milk to the top to hide the icy milk, and then serve it to your victim.