Back Splash

Take a small balloon (water balloon will work best), blow it up and put it into the bottom of a cup. Then cover it with cola or other non-clear liquid. Hand it to your victim with a straw. (If you want you can cut the end of the straw to give it a sharper point.) When they put in the straw they will pop the balloon, giving them a splash of "April Fools"!

Who Are You?

Switch beds with your brother or sister and then wait for your mom or dad to come and wake you up!

Submitted by Jennifer


Put a Tic Tac(tm) and some fake blood in your mouth, pretend to trip and fall, and then spit your "tooth" out!

Submitted by thequeenofawesomeness

Drawer Disaster

Sneak in before the victim gets dressed, take out the drawers of his or her dresser and switch them around. When they look for socks they'll find shirts, etc.

Submitted by Unknown Damsel

Power Struggle

Take the SIM card or battery out of your victim's phone. Watch as they struggle to use their phone!

Sleeping In

When your victim is sleeping, sneak into their room and wrap some rope around the entire bed--at about chest level and down by their knees. When they wake up they won't be able to sit up or move.

Submitted by Mossheart

Out of Gas

Driving with your kids on April Fool's day? Then you have a perfect opportunity to play a great prank. On the way home, when you're a few blocks away from your house, let the car lurch a bit, then coast over to the side of the road and announce that you're out of gas. Tell the kids they better walk on home while you wait for help. Let them get a block or so down the road and then drive past them honking and yelling "April Fool's!"

Submitted by Carmen Santos

Clean and Delicious

Empty a Windex bottle, very thoroughly clean the bottle and nozzle, and fill it with blue Gatorade. Now pretend to take a "taste" in front of your victim. They will freak out!