Tape one end of a piece of thread or fishing line to the hanging end of the toilet paper roll. At the other end of the thread, put a small piece of tape sticky-side-up, and leave it on the floor for your victim to step on. When they walk away, the whole roll will come with them!

Quench Your Thirst

If your victim always carries a water bottle around with them, this is the prank for you! When the victim isn't looking, pour in a "secret ingredient," such as lemon juice, vinegar or salt. Then, watch the person make faces when they drink it.

Rest Not So Easy

Take your victim's pillow out of the pillowcase and replace it with crumpled paper (plastic grocery bags also work well). Stuff it very loosely--just enough to fluff it up to the normal size.

Super Shenanigans

This prank works best if you can get your hands on a supply of super-bouncy superballs--try a dollar store or buy some on the internet. Cut a large flap in the bottom of a box. Place the box on a flat surface and fill it with the superballs, then glue the lid shut. Your victim will try to pick up the box or remove the lid and the whole box will lift up, releasing a plethora of bouncing silliness. You can always write "Happy April Fool's Day" on a note under the box, just to top it off.

Smelly Jelly

Buy a jelly-filled donut, squeeze out the jelly and replace with ketchup. Or, buy a custard-filled donut and replace with sour cream. Watch as your victim's face turns to surprise!

Submitted by Ricky Peregrina, 11 years old

That's Nuts

Carefully pry open a walnut along its seam and remove the nut. Replace it with a tiny note that says "April Fools!". Glue it back together and leave it out for your victim. Other items you can try: a fortune from a fortune cookie, a pecan, almond or other kind of nut, or a Cracker Jack(TM) toy.

Submitted by dominGO

It's A Blur

Get your hands on your victim's glasses while they're not using them. Spread a thin layer of vaseline on the lenses. Then put the glasses back where you found them!

You Can't Trick Me

Take a pen or marker that's washable and put a mark on your face that everyone can see. When they say you have a mark on your face, simply tell them that you're not falling for it and that they're just saying you have a mark on your face. When they finally prove to you that you have a mark on your face, shout, "April Fool's!"