Fake Spring Break School Prank

No Spring Break for You

Parents, if it's almost time for your kids' Spring Break, this letter will trick them into thinking they have to go to "Spring Break School." Just download it, edit and print it and pretend it just arrived in the mail from the school. (To edit, remove or replace the school logo, and replace names, addresses, etc., as needed.)

Missing Food Prank

Cupboards Are Bare

Find a few cardboard boxes and sneak into the kitchen first thing in the morning. Pack up all the food, then hide the boxes (if possible, also move all the food from the refrigerator into a large cooler). Voila! Now just wait for hungry family members to start showing up! (An alternate to taking food: take out all the dishes, cups, silverware, pots, etc.)

Submitted by Cinna

Soggy Socks

Carefully place small water balloons in the toe your victim's shoes. They'll get a wet surprise! (Be sure to only do this on inexpensive shoes.)

Submitted by CelticGirl

Numb and Number

Dip the tip of your victim's cigarette into a tooth-numbing gel.

Submitted by EMP

Milk Gone Bad Prank Idea

Sour Joke

Put a few drops of green food coloring in the milk to make it look as if it has soured. When someone pours it in the morning, they will think it has gone bad.


Before you begin, practice the following trick: place a coin on your head, hold your arms straight out to your sides, and drop the coin into a funnel that is inserted into the beltline of your pants. Once you can do this well, find the victim and tell him you learned a trick that is very difficult to master. Perform the trick. Most likely the victim will ask to try it themselves. Right before they drop the coin, take a glass of ice-cold water that you have placed nearby and pour it into the funnel.

Not Tasty

Take a box full of candy you know the victim likes (Whoppers work good). Remove the candy and replace it with Play-Dough in the shape of candy. Watch him/her be surprised when they get offered Play-Dough candy! (Be careful not to let them actually eat it though!)

Submitted by Sierra F.

It All Falls Down

You can rig a cupboard to make all the stuff fall out when your victim opens the door. Just make sure the items won't break or hurt anyone when they fall to the floor! Simply remove everything from the cupboard, place a large piece of cardboard on the bottom of the shelf, and replace the items. Now attach the cardboard to a piece of string and tape the string to the inside of the cupboard door. When they pull open the door, the cardboard will shift, knocking everything out on top of them!

Submitted by Luke D B