Juice Spoof

On the night before April 1st, take a glass and fill it with orange juice. Put it in the freezer. In the morning, ask a friend/family member if they would like some orange juice. When they say yes, take the orange juice out and poor a half-inch (unfrozen) on top of the frozen juice in the glass. When the person takes a big gulp, they'll wonder why they aren't getting anything!

Submitted by Darcy B.

Play the Fool

This trick should be done in a public place for maximum embarrassment! Tell your victim to try a cool trick that will make it feel like their arm is "detaching" from their body. Have them tilt their head back, close their eyes tightly, and put one arm straight out to the side. Then have them start waving their arm up and down. Tell them that after about 60 seconds they will feel like their arm is floating away from their body. Now...run away and hide nearby! Leave them standing there looking like a fool and see how long before they realize you are gone!

What's Down There?

Throughout the day, tell your victim that you have been hearing mice around the house. Then hide a small stuffed animal in their bed down by their feet. When her/his feet touch the animal she/he will think it's a mouse!

Submitted by Carina

Sweater Struggle

Take your victim's sweater, turn it inside out and tie knots in the sleeves. Then turn the back the right way (with the sleeves still partly inside out). Watch them struggle to get their sweater on!

Submitted by Bexs

Sly Dry

Substitute your victim's towel with an identical towel that has been heavily Scotchguarded (make sure you are using a towel you don't care about because it will need to be thrown out afterward).

Submitted by KRR

Sticky Tricky

Replace the liquid soap with syrup for a sticky prank!

Submitted by Ally

Drink Fink

Take 7up or Sprite and freeze it to little ice cubes with the ice carton thingy. Then fill a cup with water and throw the ice cubes in. Give it to the victim. When they first drink the water it will taste normal, but will gradually become funny-tasting as the cubes melt.

Submitted by Malissa Jones

Old News

Replace the newspaper of that day with an old one (the older the better). See how long it takes them to realize something is not right!

Submitted by Anna