Book Swap

If a friend has book covers on their textbooks or notebooks, switch the books inside the covers. They'll be surprised when they pull out "Science Insights" in their English class.

Who Turned Out the Lights?

Wake up early before everyone else in the house and loosen all the light bulbs, unplug clocks, lights, televisions and disable everything electrical. Then see how long you can convince people that the power is out!

Submitted by Al Gorcelino

Tainted Sink

Remove the aerator from the faucet on your sink. Put a glob of food coloring gel on the inside and screw it back on. When your victim tries to use the sink, they will have a colorful surprise!

Submitted By: Lulu

Bug in a Mug

Find a dead bug and keep it hidden. Wait until your victim has completely finished their coffee or other beverage, and when they're not looking slip the dead bug into the cup. Then "notice" that they apparently just drank something with a dead bug in it! Chances are they will be really grossed out.

Submitted by Nick from NJ

Levitating Levity>> NEW <<

Take a helium balloon and put it inside the hood of a sweat jacket (if you want, draw a face on the balloon, or attach a mask). Now, put the jacket into a hamper, washing machine, or the trunk of a car. When you victim lifts the lid, they will be scared by a "lunging" creature!

Submitted by Greezy

You're All Wet

Take a little piece of duct tape and tape it to the bottom of a faucet. So when your victim tries to turn on the faucet, water will spray everywhere!

Submitted by Dawn-Louise

Foiled Not Boiled

Ask your victim if they would like a hard-boiled egg. If they say "yes," hand them a regular egg.

Ghostly Sounds

Fill a cup to the brim with dried peas, and add water. Then place the cup on a metal tray, place the tray on top of a book, and hide it under the victim's bed. During the night, the peas will expand and slowly one by one fall onto the tray. Your victim will think it's a ghost tapping!