Penny for your Pranks

This prank works on someone who is alone in a room with a door that opens inward (perfect for someone sleeping in their bedroom). Pennies wedged all along the edges of the door (between the door and the jamb), will prevent the door from opening, causing the person to be temporarily trapped.

Submitted by Bollinger43

Balloon Buffoon

Blow up a balloon but don't tie it shut. Close the untied tip of the balloon into a door (on the back of the door so you victim won't see it). Wait for your victom to open the door. The balloon will fly all around making a loud noise.

Submitted by Boombah

Bath Splash

Many bathtubs have a lever that you pull up to activate the showerhead. If you have that, pull it up and use a rubber band or some electrical tape to hold it in place. When your victim comes to turn on the water, they'll get a nice cold wet surprise!

Submitted by Anna, 13

Keep Hitting

Show your victim the following trick: take a penny and push it on your forehead so it sticks there. Then hit yourself in the back of the head until it falls off. Then push a penny onto the other person's forehead--but pull it back off without them seeing--they will feel like it's still there. Then they will keep hitting their head for no reason!

Hustler Hustle

Print out the cover of a magazine like Playboy, Hustler, or High Times and tape it onto a regular magazine. Blatantly read it in front of your victim (mom, wife, boss?).

All Fall Down

Empty out the bottom shelf of your medicine cabinet. Then hold a piece of cardboard up to create a pocket in which you put marbles, peanuts, pennies, or whatever you want into the shelf. While still holding the cardboard close the cabinet, then slide the cardboard out. Now when your victim open the cabinet, they get a cascading surprise!

Submitted by RyRy

What's That Smell

Sit near your victim with a whoopee cushion hidden under your shirt (or use a fart machine or app). Every few minutes, let out a small sound. If they accuse you, act innocent or blame the dog.


Put a small rubber ducky into the toilet bowl.

Submitted by RaylieB.