Baby Steps>> NEW <<

Tiny Footprints Prank

Make some tiny footprints and trick your victim into thinking that a baby (or a leprechaun or other tiny creature) has been walking around. To create the footprints, make a fist and dip the edge of your hand and little finger in removable ink - press the imprint down. Add toe prints with the tips of your fingers. (You'll need to use both hands to create left and right feet.) Use your imagination to create a funny scene - maybe have the "baby" walk up to your victim's desk and mess up their papers, or to the kitchen and spill stuff. Even funnier if you actually have a baby in the house!

That Bugs>> NEW <<

Attach a fake bug to a long piece of thread. Sneak into your victim's bedroom at night and attach the thread to the ceiling right over their head, with the "bug" almost touching their face. When they wake up they will get a real fright!

Afraid of the Light>> NEW <<

Print out a picture of a roach, glue it to cardboard and cut carefully around it's shape. Then attach it to the inside of your victim's lampshade. When they turn on the light, it will look like a real bug!

Backwards Shoelaces Prank

All Laced Down>> NEW <<

Take your victim's lace-up shoes and remove the laces. Then, put them back but put them backwards, so that they tie near the toe of the shoe! Be sure to make them extra tight.

Backwards Soda Tab Prank

Pop Won't Pop>> NEW <<

Offer to get your victim a soda. But before you hand it to them, secretly rotate the tab so it's in the opposite-of-normal position. When they try to pop the tab the can won't open and they will have a moment of confusion!

April Poo's>> NEW <<

Have a cat that uses a litterbox? Buy a new litter scooper that looks just like the one you use in your house. Smear it with chocolate. Then when your victim is near, pretend to be scooping the box - and then run up to them and rub the scooper on their face!

Creamy Rinse>> NEW <<

Sneak into the shower and empty your victim's conditioner into another container. Then, fill the bottle with Ranch dressing. Now, listen and laugh when they take their shower.

In a Jif

Smear some peanut butter on the bottom of the doorknob and your victim will have a sticky surprise!