Pickled Head in a Jar Prank

Pickled Head

Print out a life-size color photo of a face, or a scary creature. Find a large glass jar. Cut the photo so it fits inside the jar (facing outward with the front of the photo pressed against the glass). Then add some water (if you want, laminate the photo first, or spray with waterproofing spray). Place the jar in the refrigerator. Now... just wait until your victim opens the fridge for a snack - then be ready to shout "April Fool's!"

Rubber Bands Around Phone Prank

Bound Gag

For this joke, you'll need tons of rubber bands. Put about a hundred of them around your victim's cell phone or desk phone. Then call them!

Submitted by LizzL

Baking Soda Donut Prank

Donut Don'ts

Make the perfect morning snack for April 1st! Buy some plain donuts. Then coat them in baking soda. Leave them out for your victim. They will look just like powdered-sugar donuts, but taste terrible!

Scary Peeper Prank

Peepers Creepers

Print out a life-sized photo of a scary face. Go outside and attach it to a window or skylight (this will work best at night). Now just wait for the frightened reaction of your victim!

Submitted by Mike

Broken Doorbell Prank

Verbal Ding Dong>> NEW <<

Put a sign over your doorbell that says "Doorbell broken, yell 'Ding Dong' really loud!" Then invite your most gullible friends over.

Balloon in Drawer Prank

Pop it Open>> NEW <<

Blow up a balloon and put it into your victim's drawer. Then, tape a tack or pin just inside the top ledge (pointed toward the balloon) - so that when they open the drawer the pin will pop the balloon and give them a scare.

Soda Falls>> NEW <<

Take a large amount of empty soda cans and stack them in a tower against your victim's bedroom door while they are sleeping. When they wake up and open their door, the cans will fall and make a startling racket!

Can't Drink it Up>> NEW <<

Take a bottle of your victim's favorite Gatorade and empty it out. Then make some jello that is the same color as the Gatorade (use food coloring as needed). Pour the jello into the bottle and put it into the fridge to let it harden. Now, just wait for your victim to get thirsty!