Make Your Own Rattlesnake Eggs Prank

Rattlesnake Eggs

Scare your victim with some "real" rattlesnake eggs! Just print out this Rattlesnake Eggs envelope and follow the easy instructions for creating the "eggs." When they open the envelope they are in for a big surprise!

Padlock Shenanigans

Lock Up

Use a padlock in a devious way. For instance, you can padlock the strap of your victim’s purse to the handle of her desk. Or, padlock your victim’s sunglasses (around the nosepiece) to their backpack. Or, use a bike cable and a padlock to attach your victim’s desk chair to something on the other side of the room so they can’t sit at their desk. Etc., etc.

Submitted by DeeDeeD

Hide Kool-Aid in the Soap Bar

Clean and Green

Take a new bar of soap and use a screwdriver to hollow out a pocket on the bottom. Make sure to save the soap shavings. Pour some Kool-Aid powder into the pocket. Mix a bit of water with the shavings and mold them over the powder, smoothing it over. Give it time to dry. After that, switch your victim's current bar of soap with the rigged one. After a while of showering, your victim will suddenly become very colorful!

Submitted by Mike

Fake Beverage Gag

Still Thirsty

Buy some clear glue or resin from a craft store. Tint it to match the beverage of your choice (wine, punch, soda, etc.). Pour it into an old glass and let it dry. Now, offer it to your victim!

Can You Believe It?

Take a can of vegetables or fruit, or anything your victim likes to eat. Use a can opener to open the bottom of the can. Remove the contents, and replace with something surprising (jelly beans, nuts, marshmallow peeps, etc.). Use hot glue to reseal the bottom. Now just make sure your victim opens it on April Fool’s Day!

Don’t Cry Over This

Make your own “Fake Milk Spill” gag. Just buy some white glue (like Elmer’s). Then take a clear drinking glass and fill it partially with the glue. Now, place the glass on a piece of wax paper and tip it on its side, allowing the “milk” to pool out in a spilled pattern. Allow it to dry completely. Now you can peel off the wax paper and place the glass wherever you’d like to trick your victim (on their important papers, fancy furniture, etc.)

Fake Word Scramble Puzzle Idea

Word Scramble

Print out this word scramble puzzle and give it to your victim. None of the words can be unscrambled into actual words! When they check the answer key hidden at the bottom of the page, they'll realized they've been pranked.

Cereal in the Sink Prank

That’s a Big Bowl

Buy a box or two of inexpensive breakfast cereal. Go into your victim’s bathroom and pour it into the sink. Add milk. Place a spoon nearby.