Parking Pranking

Google a picture of a parking ticket. Edit it with a photo editing program and add in the victim's VIN #, plate number, make, model, color, etc. Write a ridiculous violation (like parked too close to the grass) and write a high, but believable fine. Place ticket under the victim's windshield wiper.

Not Juice

Make some "juice" out of water and food coloring. Serve it to your victim and watch their confusion when they realize it has no taste.

That Bugs Me

Get a small fake bug. Unroll the toilet paper roll a few sheets, place the bug underneath, then roll it back in place. When your victim grabs some toilet paper, they will get a scary surprise!

Hanky Painty

First scope out a local park, college, or other public area that has benches where people frequently sit. Note the color of the benches. Now find some paint that matches the color of the benches. Take some old clothes and paint stripes on the back of the clothes - make them look like you sat on a freshly-painted bench. Let the clothes dry, then put them on. Now go to the park. Tape a "Wet Paint" sign to the bench, then sit down with your back covering the sign so no one can see it. Wait for someone to come and sit next to you. When you are sure they are watching, stand up with your back showing and act upset that you just realized you sat in paint (point to the sign which is now visible). The person will freak out thinking they sat in paint!

Submitted by Scott M.

No Fly Zone

Sew up the fly on the victim's underwear. (This trick works best when you know they'll have to use a public restroom.)

Mouse Trap

There are two ways to make realistic rodent poop: 1) Cover grains of uncooked rice with black paint and let it dry. Or, 2) take a fudgy brownie and roll a tiny piece into a long, rounded shape. Once you've created the fake mouse or rat poop, scatter it around in places the victim might be less then delighted to find poop. Some good places are: in their drawer, corners of the house, in their bed...etc. When they find it they'll think they have a terrible rodent problem!

Submitted by Lauri M

Unusual Weather

You'll need a partner to pull this prank. Have your partner go outside and use a hose to spray water just outside a window that your victim is near. Now you can trick them into thinking it's raining. This works best if they're planning a trip to the park or beach! You can also add to the effect by using a camera with flash to simulate "lightning."

Tidal Wave

Take about 20 (or more) paper or plastic cups, place them on the floor completely blocking the victim's bedroom door. Staple them together and fill them with water. Your victim will be trapped with no way to escape! Or, use the same technique to block other locations like their desk at work, or the toilet.

Submitted by Carrie O.