Totally Trashed

Take a trash bag, cut a large hole in the bottom, and place it into the trash or recycling bin. Once the trash if full, ask your victim to take it out.

Submitted by ThatGuyDave

Did You Hear?

Take the music button out of a musical greeting card and hide it somewhere fun: under a couch cushion, under a mattress, under a rug, etc. Make sure it is audible but not too easy to find! It will slowly drive your victim(s) crazy!

Submitted by syncy

That's Not Right

Go into the kitchen and swap the contents of one cupboard with the contents of another cupboard.

Submitted by FJ

I See It

Enlist the help of a few friends. Go to a busy street corner and begin pointing up to the top of a tall building, or just point up to the sky. Watch to see how many people try to see what you are looking at.

Magical Slicing

It is possible to slice an unpeeled banana by using a long, thin needle, making small incisions and sliding the needle from side to side. Present an unpeeled sliced banana to your victim and try to convince them that it's a new variety of banana that was just invented. Or, just hand them the banana and watch them be amazed!

Submitted by Kat

Have A Cold One

If your victim wears the same hat every day, take it the night before, get it wet, and put it in the freezer. Right before the victim gets ready to leave, place the hat in the normal place. They will get a chilly surprise!

All Keyed Up

Place a piece of clear tape over the keyhole and watch while the victim experiences momentary confusion when they can't get their key into the lock.

Mysterious Visitor

Make a fake person by stuffing a pair of pants with newspaper and propping them on a chair. Add shoes. Top it off by attaching an opened newspaper to block the top of the body.

Submitted by Jonie