Just One More

Go on the internet and find a funny picture of something (I used a cartoon rabbit) and print out 9 of them. Hide the pictures all around the room in a mixture of easy and difficult places. Tape one that has a note saying "I bet you can't find all 10 of the pictures!" Your victim will look for the 10th rabbit for a long time before you tell them that there were only 9!

Submitted by Dara

Make Them Think It Snowed Prank

Sneaky Snow

Buy a can of fake snow. Early on April Fool's Day, sneak outside and spray the fake snow around the edges of your victim's bedroom window. Put some more on the ground wherever it will be visible from inside. Now wake up your victim and tell them it snowed during the night! This prank works best on a child or on the very gullible! Note: if you don't have fake snow, you can try tricking them with some mashed potato flakes.

Submitted by altoclef

Colorful Cascade

Use the glass "shade" from a tea candle lamp--the kind that is shaped like a bowl with a hole in the bottom. Place it on the victim's desk and fill it with small jelly beans. You can put a floral card holder in it with a nice note attached. When they lift the bowl, the jelly beans will pour out through the hole in the bottom and go all over the place.

Trying for Toast

Get up early to unplug the toaster. If the cord is normally visible find a cord that looks similar, plug it in and hide the rest behind the toaster. Besides not working, most toasters won't even lock the toast down when you push the pedal. Just make sure you're there to watch your victim become frustrated as his toast keeps popping back up!

Spy vs. Spy

Organize a group of friends to play the old "pie in the face" prank on someone. However, one of the people that you recruit to help you pull the prank is ACTUALLY going to be your victim (and the person you tell them is the victim is actually in on the whole thing). So everyone knows about the switch except the real victim. To make this prank perfect, the "fake" victim should be ready to push the "real" victim's pie back into their own face. Then everyone adds their pies on top!


With the victim looking on, pretend you see a fly in the room. Grab a fly swatter and chase it around for awhile. Then make a big swat, reach down and grab the "fly" (actually a raisin you've concealed in your hand), and gobble it down.

Can't Flush Your Troubles Away

Pour some yellow food coloring into the upper tank of your victim's toilet. Then wait for your victim to use the bathroom. They'll flush and flush but won't be able to flush it down!

Submitted by Zenicker

Don't Tell Mom

For teenagers: get a realistic-looking fake tattoo. Put it on a spot on your body that is partially hidden, then "accidentally" expose it to your mom or dad.

Submitted by LaLaLaRue