Doesn't Add Up

If you look at a lot of electronic calculators, they are held together by screws and can be opened up. (Don't try this unless you are sure it won't damage the calculator!) For a great prank, open the calculator, and swap the '+' and 'x' keys. Put it back together, and watch your victim get frustrated when they try to do simple math! For an added effect, swap the '-' and '/' keys as well.

Submitted by George Cat

Time Off Trickery

Coordinate everyone in your office to play a practical joke on your boss. Throughout the day, each person should email, voicemail or leave a note for the boss, saying they need extended time off. Each person should give a different explanation: pregnancy, sick family member, etc.

Submitted by Jennifer

Where Do I Go?

This trick works great if you work in an office building that has two entrances. Print up two signs that say "Please Use Other Door." Put one on each door, with arrows pointing toward the opposite door.

Take the Gloves Off

Does your victim use rubber gloves? Then sneak in and sprinkle some red KoolAid powder into their gloves (a little bit goes a long way). When they wear the gloves, the sweat from their hands will dissolve the powder, leaving a "bloody" mess.

Submitted by CupOJo

Hold My Calls

Coordinate several people to help you play this prank. Have them take turns throughout the day calling the victim and asking for "Larry." At the end of the day, have someone make the final call and say "This is Larry. Do you have any messages for me?"

Submitted by Abby and Denise

Photo Phun

Does your victim keep a photo of his wife on his desk? Steal it and replace it with a photo of a scantily-clad model. This is especially funny when someone else notices it before your victim, like his boss... or his wife!

Submitted by McBain

Lucky Ducky

Find a small rubber ducky, sanitize it thoroughly, remove the jug from the office water cooler, and squeeze the duck inside. Replace the jug and wait for the fun!

Blown Away

Put confetti in your victim's fan (tape the bottom to hold in the confetti if necessary).