Topsy Turvy

This prank is elaborate but fun: Remove all the drawers from the victim's desk. Flip the entire desk upside down, replace the drawers, then flip the desk back. Now when the victim open the drawers, all the stuff will fall out straight to the floor.

Crossed Wires

Either late on March 31st or very early on April 1st sneak into a shared office and unplug two phones and re-plug them in with the lines crossed. Both victims will go nuts trying to figure out why they're getting each others' calls.

Submitted by paradux

Who's That Guy?

Photoshop his face into a bunch of funny scenarios and put them up all over the office.

Submitted by Senor Bud


First, determine what your victim's least favorite thing is--sports team, political view, movie, music, etc. Then cover his or her work area with posters and items celebrating that thing. (For example, if he's a Chargers fan, cover his office with Raiders gear.)

Submitted by Savannah B.

Trouble is Sprouting

Find an extra keyboard that looks similar to your victim's keyboard. Bring it home, fill the gaps between the keys with a little soil, plant some seeds, and water regularly. Once the seeds have sprouted, replace your victim's keyboard with the "growing" keyboard and wait for their surprised reaction!

Why Am I Wet?

Find a spray bottle that sprays out a nice fine mist. Fill it with water and wait for your victim to get up to go out of the room for a minute. Then lightly mist their cloth chair seat and wait for the fun to begin!

Pick Up the Phone!

Take a small piece of wire and wrap it around the handset cord of the victim's phone. Place it so both ends of the cord are attached together. Then wait until the victim receives a phone call and watch while they lift the handset and they pick up the entire phone along with it.

The Walls Have Eyes

Buy a bunch of googly eyes from a craft store and stick them everywhere all over a person's desk.